Update #9 – Stretch Goals, PayPal Pledges, & Emblem Design!

Stretch Goals!

Hi everyone!

Since we’ve passed our pledge target, we have made a set of stretch goals for Valthirian Arc: Red Covenant, so every dime we earn after the goal will sure be used to make our game even better! Our Kickstarter campaign only hasĀ 3 days left but worry not, in a few days, we will open pledges through PayPal to unlock all the stretch goals!

Without further ado, here’s the stretch goals!
(The stretch goal will be updated in the Campaign Page too!)


We’ve mentioned console ports before, but we didn’t include it in the stretch goals. That’s because we’re right now on talks with a publisher to make the ports happen. Of course, our first and top prioritiy is to finish the PC version first, and then we’ll move on with the ports.


Read more updates about Valthirian Arc music and school emblem design on our Kickstarter page!

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