Update #3 – We Want to Hear Your Platform Suggestions!

Hi Everyone!!

We have reached 40% of the goal! Thank you for your enormous support towards our campaign!

We still have a long way to go to reach our goal, though, so we’re trying to reach every exposure we can get to bring more people to support our campaign.

If you want to help us, here’s some suggestions:

  • Share our posts (Facebook and Twitter) on your social media.
  • Suggest Valthirian Arc to your friends personally.
  • Tell about our campaign to communities you’re part of.
  • Suggest Valthirian Arc to streamers, or introduce us their channel – we’ll definitely reach them out.

Every help you give means a lot to us, so thank you!


Other Platforms

Next, let’s talk about VA:RC’s next target platform.

As you can see in the campaign page, we are targeting Windows as our platform. What about other platform? Mac? Linux? Consoles? Currently, we’re focusing on the hard part, that is, finishing the development of the game, but yes! We really want to bring this game to other platforms too, even consoles!

A while ago, we ran a small voting on our facebook page to see which platform do you want to play VA:RC in. Lots of people voted for Nintendo Switch, because of the mobility.

What about you guys, which platform do you think should we develop next after the Windows version is finished?
Leave your comments and read moreĀ on our Kickstarter page!

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