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" Very cool stuff! It’s primming with characters and great ideas!"

-Ian, Creator of Ravenmark

" A gorgeous little charmer of a game, and the clear effort put into improving it over its predecessor is nothing short of remarkable"


"This game looks great! Can’t wait for the release!"

-Joel, Podcaster at

Valthirian Arc

Red Covenant is the third game of the Valthirian Arc series. As principal, manage your fantasy academy in the first-in-the-series 3D Graphics, train your students and send them to fight enemies in Real-Time Battle System, and immerse yourself with the deep lore of Valthiria. Pick your decision carefully, because your alliance with other countries will decide the future of Valthiria!

Valthirian Arc

Exciting real-time battle system

Valthirian Arc

Manage your own fantasy school

Valthirian Arc

New story with multiple ending

Valthirian Arc

Raise your team of heroes

News Update

Valthirian Arc


Build and manage your own fantasy academy with a unique combination of RPG and simulation theme

Teach and train your students to become stronger every day by choosing one of many jobs available and send them to do some quests to enhance their experience.

New loot and craft system. After doing the quest, you may receive several items that can be crafted into something powerful!